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Arizona Attorney General, Terry Goddard


“…the SkillTech project because I got to
be a superhero.”

, age 10

“…hanging out with my friends doing all the tech stuff. I think I might even be able to get a job in technology someday.”

, age 10

“…the opportunity to show off my computer skills and meet people from
other Clubs.”

, age 15

“I like the people here. How cool it was that someone would put together an event like this to help us learn. I wish school were like this. I just want to say thank you.”

    ~ Michael, age 12

“I want to be a nerd too!”

    ~ Edith, age 8

“The students and staff who volunteered had such a positive experience. They were very impressed with the technology opportunities being provided for young people.”

    ~ Mike Greene, Director of Student Life,
    Chandler Gilbert Community College

“They were working so well together, sharing the computer to design their logo. Each person took a turn creating one design element and would then pass the mouse along to their teammate. Not only were they encouraging each other, they made suggestions on how to improve their design. It was amazing.”

    ~ Amy, Techathalon Judge

“It didn’t matter if you won or lost. We didn’t always win, but we sure had a good time.”

    ~ Johanna, age 16

“Volunteers mean so much to the kids and to the event. They bring a wealth of opportunity and experience to the organization we would not otherwise have. They simply give so much.”

    ~ Joyce Shea, BGC East Valley

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