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Join hundreds of kids just like you who want to learn, explore and get the most out of today's awesome technological tools! Techathalon gives you and your fellow Club members the chance to create, design and build using the latest technology, while taking part in a fun, friendly competition: and everyone's a winner. To the right there are links to the curriculum and reference materials you will need for Techathalon 2010.

It's all about Technology, Teamwork and FUN!

Put your minds together to tackle these fun science activities.
2010 Challenge

Catch Some Hang Time
Gravity - What a Drag
Lift Off With Bernoulli
Word Wall

Get your geek on with these brain stimulating activities.
2010 Challenge

Hide N Go Seek
Texting Telephone

Design it, build it, try it, then do it all over again in these hands-on activities.
2010 Challenge

Make It Float
Be Green - Scavenger Hunt
Does Length = Strength?

Crunch the numbers and find the patterns in these brain busters.
2010 Challenge

Bargain Hunters

Buy Low, Sell High
Play The Market


Challenge Fast Fact

Did you know that the first public call placed on a portable cell phone was made 35 years ago? 

Although that call was placed on a phone that weighed almost 3 pounds, today's cell phones are much smaller and lighter.  The iPhone, for example, weighs less than 5 ounces!  A continuing trend in technology is miniaturization -- the creation of increasingly smaller scales for products and devices.  Can you name any other devices people use that have been miniaturized? 

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