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Bridging the Digital Divide

Founded in 2003, Techathalon was designed to help young people ages 6-18 in our communities gain technical fluency by providing a fun venue for them to showcase and build their technology skills. Through the sharing of information and ideas, participants maximize the learning experience while making friends and being recognized for their accomplishments.

Techathalon features four Challenge Events encompassing graphic design, technical know-how, productivity software mastery, and general technology knowledge. In addition, participants can explore cutting-edge technology tools in the Exploratorium - a fun-filled science, technology, engineering and math carnival.

The inaugural Techathalon, hosted by The Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs in Chandler, Arizona, boasted more than 165 participants from 29 Clubs, with 87 volunteers donating their time. Since that time, almost 600 Boys & Girls Clubs members have participated in Techathalon. Through the community's participation and/or sponsorship, Techathalon will continue to grow and prosper!

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Technology touches nearly every facet of every modern industry. That's why, in an effort to help participants become productive members of the future workforce, Techathalon's four areas of competition cover a diverse range of activities. Participants from ages 6 to 18 are divided into three categories - Rookies (6-8), Amateurs (9-12) and Professionals (13 and up) - and participate in age-appropriate projects.  Below are examples of just a few of the exciting challenges offered:

TEAMScience - Use digital media to research and then present the facts about scientific phenomenon and their impacts on the local and global communities.

TEAMTechnology - Put your trivia talents to the test in the digital world!  Use mobile devices to create and send digital trivia questions for other teams to solve.

TEAMEngineering - Learn about communications systems as you design, build and test a basic communications systems model.

TEAMMathematics - Test your digital mapmaking skills by creating a unique digital map of your world!

Downloadable Documents
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Projects are judged on their overall quality, their ability to meet all required guidelines and, most importantly, teamwork and collaborative skills. Best of all, everyone's a winner and receives a medal for their accomplishments. In addition, one Techmanship Award is given in each age category to the team that displays a positive attitude above and beyond what would be normally expected.




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